When you’re going through some of your favorite videos in your mind, you come up with things like Nelly‘s “Dilemma” or The Pharcyde‘s “Passin’ Me By”. Fat Tony, he of Third Ward decided to re-create some of the best videos from the ’90s in “10,000 Hours” with a very special co-star. RELATED: [WATCH] Fat Tony […]

1. “Two rules in life… First rule: Don’t lose. Second rule: Don’t forget the first rule.” ~Warren Buffet 2. “Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.” ~ Descartes 3. “Don’t depend on the enemy not coming; depend rather on being ready for him.” […]

IDK much about Ella Mai, but I’m about to start paying closer attention. This girl is sexy (without having to show off her goods). Dare I say: this may be the reason why she’s not getting the kind of recognition that she deserves. On top of that, people don’t sing about real s*** anymore. People […]

U.S. Treasury plans to add a ‘notable woman’ to the $10 bill. http://t.co/F033Lf6aD2pic.twitter.com/2lsdCgrhSP — New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) June 18, 2015 Move over Alexander…


1.  Drake- Trophies 2.  Beyonce – Partition 3.  Jhene Aiko – The Worst 4.  Jay Z – Part II (On The Run) Feat Beyonce 5.  Future – Move That Doh Feat Pusha T & Pharrell 6.  Young Thug – Stoner 7.  Boosie & Webbie – Show Da World Feat Kiara 8. Propain – 2 Rounds […]

Michael Ramirez an OL at Crosby High school found a clever way to score a prom date. He hit went to Twitter and asked a Houston Texan cheerleader to accompany him on this special date and surprisingly she agreed. 10,000 Retweets and I’ll be taking a texans cheerleader to prom😍😍 @HTC_Caitlyn . RETWEET RETWEET RETWEET […]

A 10-year-old special needs child is being held in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center after he allegedly vandalized school property and attempted to assault…

2011-2012 NBA Regular Season MVP. 2012 NBA Finals Champ and Playoffs MVP. 2012 Olympics Gold Medalist. It’s safe to say this summer belongs to LeBron James. In Commemoration of Lebron’s Tenth anniversary with Nike and the culmination of his historic year of dominance, Nike and Lebron James proudly present the Nike LeBron X.

We’ve all been there. It’s a beautiful day, and you can’t bear the thought of going into work. So you call in with some excuse about feeling ill, but you know in your bones that your boss doesn’t buy it. The feeling ill excuse is a short-term solution that won’t win you any fans at […]


Several artists in Hip-Hop changed over the years from Lil Kim, to Jay-Z to Diddy. Some toned down, others toned up and others came up both in appearance and in their pockets. Check out our 10 best makeovers in Hip-Hop below. Lil Kim Lil Kim went from an around the way Brooklyn girl to International rap […]

1. Lying on Your Job Application or Resume Tell the truth from the start, because you will be held responsible for the information you provide — and your employer will check it. Generally, education background checks can take up to a month after hire. “I recently had a candidate fired from a large financial company […]