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There are a lot of annoying characters on Power that want to see dead. But one irritating character who really needs to go⁠ for real, for real, is Cooper Saxe. Saxe has been annoying since the beginning, even when he had more of a minor role, but now that he is front and center of this mess, he’s like the visual equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Yes, Cooper Saxe is a fictional character, but he’s a royal screw up and still going. WTF!

Saxe has had it out for James St. Patrick for a couple of seasons now and keeps doing wild illegal ish to try to take him down. He basically kidnapped Dre’s daughter to get him to flip, he illegally wiretapped Proctor, harassed him, and in tonight’s episode, blackmailed Proctor (via the illegal wiretap) into admitting who shot Angela Valdez. Even with Proctor’s admission that it was Tommy, and the fact that forensics discovered that Ghost couldn’t have fired the gun, Saxe was still trying to find a way to take down Ghost for the murder. He has such a boner for getting Ghost arrested that he’s blind to the truth and getting everyone killed as a result. So, back to the wiretap.

Saxe got a hold of that wiretap that he placed on Proctor’s daughter’s bookbag and heard Proctor’s final moments with his wife. You remember, right? Proctor told her he wasn’t going to let her take their daughter from him so he took a minute before calling for help and by the time he did, she was gone. Saxe could get in trouble for the wiretap because it wasn’t authorized but in a new low, he told Proctor that he was going to tell his daughter what he did. Proctor’s daughter is his weakness.

Proctor got nervous and moved himself and his daughter into Ghost’s penthouse where he felt they would be safe. They probably would have been but Tasha inadvertently blew up Proctor’s spot to Tommy. Tasha had to stop by the house to discuss Tariq getting expelled from school because his fake kingpin moves got shut down. Anyway, Tasha spotted Proctor, not knowing why he was there, and casually mentioned that she saw Proctor at Ghot’s place to Tommy. Tommy figured out what was up, stopped by Ghost’s crib because Tariq’s dumbass left the back stairway door open at Tommy’s request, and sprayed the place with bullets (Tariq was smart enough to take Proctor’s daughter to get hot chocolate because we all know Tommy would have killed her too). Proctor went out like a G, though. He had a gun on him and fired back. He missed Tommy, but Tommy was shocked. You could see on his face that he clearly underestimated Proctor.

Anyway, what Proctor also did was give his daughter a necklace that he told her contained all his secrets. It was a heart-shaped locket, and inside the locket was a minidisc with all the bones on in, including the goods from the infamous laptop. You remember the laptop recording of Tommy killing a US marshall a few seasons ago, right? That. Proctor’s last words to Tommy was that this isn’t over. It’s not by a long shot. 

Now, let’s get back to Saxe. He should have been fired a long time ago. That entire team of ragtag agents should have been fired after Valdez’s death, and some were, but Saxe is still around. It’s also worth mentioning that the other witness who was supposed to testify against Ghost got killed too. Tommy did that. Saxe doesn’t know it yet, but he will in next week’s episode and ish is going to hit the fan because the identity of the witness is intel that he leaked smh.

Speaking of mediocre white men, Tommy is just dumb. Shooting up Ghost’s apartment like Scarface was a really stupid move. Now it’s a crime scene and got police attention. The number one question they have is who’s trying to kill Ghost but they also know that Ghost is a criminal. They still don’t have proof but it’s obvious to them by now.  And in other general mediocre news, Tariq thought he was some big-time drug dealer, but not only is that new girlfriend of his playing him to some unknown force, but he’s in trouble with the Italians. Vince got ahold of him for not delivering the money he said he would and told Tommy and Ghost that they now owe him double, which is $2 mil, or Tariq dies.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what Tweets are saying about Saxe’s royal messiness!


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