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Nipsey Hussle was a living, breathing Ted Talk. As news spread of the rapper’s tragic and sudden passing, fans flocked to social media and more to tout his best songs, playlists that got them through, favorite lyrics and more.

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He also gave a blueprint that worked for him in regards to marathon level success.

1. Follow Codes And Follow Rules, To Prevent From Making Goofy Moves

2. You  Have TO Mine For Diamonds (Resources) In Life And That’s A Dangerous Job

3. Work Life Balance

4. Grow Comfortable With Not Getting Recognized

5. If You Aren’t Willing To Reach Back And Give Game To The Younger Generation, It’s A Sin

6. Trust Your Instincts

7. Stay Solid Through The Process

If you need a crash course in Nipsey’s music, here’s 7 songs to get you off your ass and into grind mode.

Hussle & Motivate.

1. “Key 2 The City”

2. “Run A Lap”

3. “Young N***as”

4. “Down As A Great”

5. “That’s How I Knew”

6. “Face The World”

7. “Blue Laces 2”

8. “Hussle & Motivate”

9. “Racks In The Middle”

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