In addition to being one talented dude (and pretty humble!), Kirko Bangz is a man of the people. There is nothing more evident of that fact than the myriad of photos he shares via his Instagram account, Twitter and other social media. Check out these scenes from Kirko Bangz from the Fifth Ward of Houston and beyond.

1. Fifth Ward Loves Kirko Bangz, Hometown Hero

Fifth Ward Loves Kirko Bangz, Hometown Hero

While riding through Fifth Ward with his cousin, Kirko Bangz spent some time with kids from the neighborhood shooting baskets and posing for some pictures. (Credit: Instagram)

2. Kirko Bangz at Home with the Fam

Kirko Bangz at Home with the Fam

Seen here with his kin, Kirko Bangz says “PaPa in the back still persisting on fixing and cleaning everything lol.” (Credit: Instagram)

3. Shootin’ Hoops with Kirko Bangz

Shootin' Hoops with Kirko Bangz

“Hoopin w the youngins earlier boys back there slap boxin lol,” Kirko writes about a recent pickup game with kids in the Fifth Ward, Houston. (Credit: Instagram)

4. Cougars Love Kirko Bangz

Cougars Love Kirko Bangz

On April 20, these cougars got up close and personal with Kirko Bangz. (Credit: Instagram)

5. Kirko Bangz, Airborne

Kirko Bangz, Airborne

Kirko’s cousin posted this photo of another recent pickup game. (Credit: Instagram)