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Twitter Is Comparing Blueface's BGC To A Cult After Tattoo or Go Home Video

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

It’s been a while since Blueface has had a hit record, but he is still giving social media a reason to talk about him.

The “Thotiana” crafter has been quite busy during the pandemic and not in a good way. His Instagram shenanigans got him booted off the platform due to multiple violations of the social media medium’s terms of service. That didn’t stop him from starting the Blue Girl’s Club (BGC), which now has people on Twitter wondering if the rapper is running a cult.

Over the weekend, a clip of Blueface making his rounds around his house informing the group of women that belong to the BGC that they will be getting tattoos and if they don’t, they will be kicked out of his crib like his own momma and sister was. The rapper walks into each room where we see the grown-ass women laid up in bunk beds having their sleep interrupted with his announcement, “Tattoo or go home, which one is it?”

Allegedly the women in the video have all gotten tattoos of Blueface’s name, just like Chrisean Rock, who ridiculously got Jonathan, the rapper’s government name, tattooed on the side of her face. Blueface claims he had nothing to do with her getting the tattoo, and the decision to get his name permanently inscribed on her mug came after she got her tooth knocked out during a fight with his ex-girlfriend on his quarantine reality show.

Twitter has been reacting to the clip basically saying Blueface is running a cult, one user writing in a tweet, “Dawg got the bunk beds like Heaven Gates in the crib,” comparing it to the Heaven’s Gate religious cult incident that tragically ended in a mass suicide in 1997.

We seriously hope that these women are being taken care of and are not being exploited for entertainment.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

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He sure does look and sound like one. 


Yo, not a concentration camp…lol, yall play entirely too much. 




Definitely not the same, but both men are weirdos. 


Lol, y’all are something else.




We understand sis. 


Hell of a career trajectory. 


Sad but very damn true.