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Bhad Bhabie and Skai Jackson 2

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Malcolm X had a name for white people before he got “saved”.

And for some reason, during this good Black History Month, the demonic forces of one white rapper are coming out, and the Black community is ready to rebuke it in the name of Black Jesus.

Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie, apparently has beef with former Disney Channel star and expert Azealia Banks-reader Skai Jackson, and she decided to take her anger to social media. The root of her beef isn’t entirely clear, but Bhabie is supposedly accusing Jackson of using a fake social media account to like or comment on posts about Bhabie’s love interests.

“I wanna know why every time I’m seen with a dude, b*tches wanna get all up on they page,” Bhabie said in one Instagram Live stream. “The b*tch is a huge fan! You’re a whole fan! She’s moving sneaky bro! Don’t go post about me on your fake page, b*tch. If you got something to say about me, post it on your page. Show me you fu**ing bold! The b*tch got me blocked on Instagram, blocked on Twitter, all type of sh*t. Like b*tch, grow up!”

Then, Bhabie took things even farther and threatened to kill Jackson.

“That sh*t don’t sit right with me. That sh*t don’t sit right with me at all,” Bhabie continued to whine. “I don’t like that sh*t! You don’t even know if I’m talking to dude or not. You just seen us on The Shade Room so now you wanna go run and like his pictures. B*tch I’ll kill you!”


Bhabie continued to speak bad on Jackson in a series of posts in her IG stories.

“Call me a trouble maker or whatever you wanna call me but unlike you scary h*es I’m all about my respect and if I feel disrespected imma make it fu**ing known,” she wrote. “So y’all telling me it’s okay for someone to play the innocent role in front the main crowd but in real life they making finsta accounts to talk bad about ppl they try and b like so bad?!”

Regardless of what Jackson did, if Bhadbie thought she could make threats and get away with it, she was sadly mistaken. Black Twitter immediately came to Jackson’s defense.


At one point, Jackson’s mom, Kiya Cole, even defended her daughter when Bhabie slid onto her page and told her she should get a hold of Jackson’s “finsta” (fake Instagram) account.

Cole responded, “Let me tell you something little girl! I’m definitely not the one to be played with! Don’t come on my damn page with your trashy negativity! How about you just put your address or phone number in my DM and I will gladly have the conversation with your mother. I’m NOT having it! Take this sh*t somewhere else and leave my damn daughter alone.”

Bhabie’s mom, Barbara Bregoli, peeped the comment because she responded with “oh listen to you preach tell your daughter to stop speaking on mine and you think you are calling my daughter Ratchet. Remember I come from New York too.”

This in when things got even more intense with Cole reacting, “B*tch! You ain’t saying nothing but a word! If you want a problem with me, I will surely give you one!!! The Only ass you’ll be beating is your own daughters as we have all seen! You best leave me and mine alone! I will stomp a mudhole in your sloppy ass!!”


The back-and-forth continued until Cole finally posted on her IG stories, “The Devil is working overtime right now. Got me caught up for a minute…Had to reel myself back in and not lose track of all of the great work that I’ve been doing these past few months.”

She also posted on her IG page, “If it doesn’t bring you love, peace, or positive energy, stop engaging with it. Simple as that.”


Cole’s daughter, Skai, seems to be on the same tip as her mom because on Tuesday, she tweeted about all the things she’s working on. “Book doing pretty well. Finalizing makeup deal. Shopping treatment to major studios & producers. Working on speech for Ted Talk. Going over scripts. Recording Netflix animated series. Vlogging for my YouTube channel. Hosting 18,000 youth for We Day. No time 4 negatives!”


There you have it.

If you need further proof that the devil is a lie and Skai and her mom have no time for negativity, peep them living abundantly and gleefully in the photos below.

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