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You wanna know the best thing about this time of the year? Well besides the costumes, candy and Halloween parties.. it’s the movies!! Especially finding that perfect scary movie to pair with snacks, a nice blanket and your spooky link.

We’re back again and we’ve got 23 Scary Movies we HIGHLY recommend you watch with boo. And since everyone is different, there are brief descriptions of each film based on gore level and theme, as well as were you can find them online. That’s right – every one of these films are streaming, which means all you need to do is grab your special someone and tap in.

Peep the gallery below.

1. Hereditary

What’s It About: One small family with dark secrets is taken to hell and back through a series of horrific events.

Where to Watch: Showtime, Hulu

Watch This If: If you like horror that makes you think.. long after the film is over.

2. 10 Cloverfield Lane

What’s It About: A strange man traps strangers in his bunker, claiming the world has been taken over by aliens.

Where to Watch: Pluto, Amazon Prime

Watch This If: If you like mysteries with a splash of sci-fi.

3. Brightburn

What’s It About: Parents of an odd child slowly realize how truly powerful… and evil he really is.

Where to Watch: Fubo

Watch This If: If you wanna see a horror twist on the superhero genre

4. Prey

What’s It About: The Predator attacks a Native American tribe in this outstanding reimagining of the iconic film franchise.

Where to Watch: HULU

Watch This If: If you want a whole new spin on the Predator series.

5. Gerald’s Game

What’s It About: A sex game goes horribly wrong for a couple in a secluded cabin.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Watch This If: If you like your suspense mixed with a bit of horror and gore.

6. Don’t Breathe

What’s It About: A group of lowlifes make the mistake of their lives after breaking into the house of a madman.

Where to Watch: Tubi

Watch This If: You like tense films with plenty of blood and violence.

7. Jeepers Creepers

What’s It About: Sibling headed home from college are pursued by a mysterious stranger.

Where to Watch: YouTube 

Watch This If: You like creepy, dark films with unexpected endings.

8. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

What’s It About: A young hispanic boy seems to have developed amazing powers from another realm.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime, Paramount +

Watch This If: You like the “Paranormal Activity” series, this one is special.

9. The Last Exorcism

What’s It About: A man of faith begins to question religion, until he must deal with a possessed girl who may not be faking it.

Where to Watch: Peacock

Watch This If: You like movies that are filmed like documentaries.

10. The Ring

What’s It About: A cursed videotape causes a woman to fear for her life following a deadly pact.

Where to Watch: YouTube Rental

Watch This If: You like to be creeped out to the max.

11. Train to Busan

What’s It About: A father must protect his daughter and make it out of town after zombies take over.

Where to Watch: Shudder

Watch This If: You like action-packed zombie flicks with plenty of intense moments.

12. Candyman (2021)

What’s It About: A urban legend seems to come to life, terrorizing residents throughout Chicago.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Watch This If: You like classic horror, gore and a black villian with a mouth full of bees.

13. Spell

What’s It About: A hardworking father is forced to confront evil secrets from his humble beginnings.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Watch This If: You’re into voodoo, hoodoo, or the guy who played Ghost on “Power.”

14. House of Wax

What’s It About: Teens looking for a bit of fun get stuck in a strange town where nothing is as it seems.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Watch This If: You like teen horror flicks like “Scream” or “Jeepers Creepers”

15. The Hills Have Eyes

What’s It About: An All-American family gets stuck in the desert and encounter some evil, mutant hillbillies.

Where to Watch: AMC+

Watch This If: You like horror movies that are gory and batsh-t crazy.

16. Black Box

What’s It About: A single father struggles to find answers about mysterious happenings in his life.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Watch This If: You like films like “Get Out.”

17. Overlord

What’s It About: A crew of solders stumble across some evil happenings in Nazi Germany.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Watch This If: You like a little bit of history mixed with your horror and an original story.

18. #Alive

What’s It About: A zombie outbreak happens at the worst possible time for a guy stuck alone in his high-rise apartment.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Watch This If: Original zombie flicks with action, tension and some real emotion.

19. I See You

What’s It About: Wow. Can’t really give too much away with this one, but it’s definitely a wild ride.

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime

Watch This If: Movies that keep you guessing til the very end, then surprise you even more. 

20. The People Under The Stairs

What’s It About: A boy living in the hood gets lured into breaking into some crazy white folks house. 

Where to Watch: VUDU

Watch This If: You like movies with creepy families and black humor.

21. Alone

What’s It About: A girl traveling solo ends up being pursued by a mysterious stranger.

Where to Watch: HULU

Watch This If: If you like suspense and movies where the main character has all the odds stacked against them, give this one a shot.

22. Old

What’s It About: A beautiful island holds a terrifying fate for its visitors.

Where to Watch: HBO Max

Watch This If: If you like plenty of twists and turns.

23. I Trapped The Devil

What’s It About: A man tries to convince people that he trapped the devil in his basement.

Where to Watch: Roku Subscription

Watch This If: Slow building horror with plenty of suspense.