Throwback Thursday

Back in 2001, Destiny’s Child visited Holland and did a HILARIOUS interview backstage! Get a good LOL and watch DC3 get spacey when answering about what animals they would be at the 2:11 mark.

I’m so hype about the 2016 Dub Car Show and Concert!  Got me thinking about the last BOX car show I attend and how much fun it was! Check out my #TBT pics!    

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#TBT at Karen Civil’s “Be You and Live Civil” Tour back in October 2014  

Hey! It’s JJ! Back in 2007, I had the chance to interview a few stars backstage at Radio One’s Springfest in Miami. It was a huge concert that they put on every year with both upcoming and well-known artists. Check out my interview with Lil Mama on this #TBT [protected-iframe id=”be336515361dd71547a12a3ec2f14f62-32288415-33845451″ info=”” width=”420″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ […]

Here this week’s #TBT…Me with my buddy Deacon in Indianapolis tearin’ the club up on my birthday! :)  

We are going waaaay back to 2007 when I interviewed DJ Unk at Spring Fest in Miami!  


Hey there! It’s a #TBT  One day away from Friday! Turn up!!! Here are a few pics of me from back in the day! No laughing!  

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#TBT Preggers backstage at the Mary J Blige concert with Mary and @Wrekk1 back in 2006!    

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Everyone on Instagram and Twitter really get into Throwback Thursday (#TBT) so here are a few of mine! Me in high school.  I was gangsta. lol. With long hair…a looooong time ago!

  Back in 2007 I had the chance to speak with Trey Songz in Miami at SpringFest!  This is a true #TBT…you may not recognize either one of us! LOL!