Fun Stuff

Hey folks…I could be like the hard core movie reviewers here, but it is what it is-“The Smurfs” is a good movie for kids!  Adults (especially those who grew up in the 80’s) will also enjoy the live action version of the Smurf’s village , Hank Azaria’s Garamel and more.  My two smurfs enjoyed it and laughed […]

The Madd Hatta Morning Show wishes you a happy day and in order to make it just a little bit better you can listen to the AT THUGS “Ohh Soo Delicious” here: If you want the “Ohhh Sooo Delicious” Ringtone for FREE! Go here… OHH SOO DELICIOUS FREE RINGTONE CLICK HERE!!!

I always love when holidays come around because I have the excuse to sit around and eat all day long!  I prefer going to other people’s parties as opposed to entertaining myself because at least then I can spare myself the cleanup.  lol  (selfish I know) If you’re entertaining guests tonight for the fourth, here […]

It’s a start but after coupons she paid a whopping $2.94….She saving me money so i’m good with her couponing! More updates to come including pics of her stock pile! LOL

How much do you now about Chris Brown? We found this quiz online and thought it would be cool for you test your knowledge about Breezy!! Play below! Powered by: Absurd Trivia Chris Brown Denies Proposing To His Girlfriend Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne “Look At Me Now” [MUSIC VIDEO] Is Chris Brown Engaged? […]