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Earlier this week YG made headlines when it was reported that he kicked out an apparent Trump supporting concertgoer from his show for refusing to say “f*ck Donald Trump” and now The White House has responded to the incident in true Trumpian fashion.

White House press secretary and Sarah Huckabee Sanders lackluster replacement, Stephanie Grisham didn’t just slam the west coast rapper for ejecting a MAGAt out the paint, but basically blamed YG’s actions on him being a liberal (we’re not even sure he’s ever co-signed a specific political party). Speaking to Fox News on Monday (Oct. 28) Grisham sarcastically called the incident “Another example of the tolerant left.”

Y’all gonna be surprised when YG comes out as a Republican just because they represent the color red like he does.

On the serious tip though this is the latest example of the Trump White House doing whatever they can to further divide the nation by portraying liberal democrats as bullies while painting conservative Trumpian republicans as victims in today’s current political climate that Donald Trump created with his racially divisive rhetoric and policies.

So it should come as no surprise to his Cult 45 when artists like YG and American citizens like those that boo’ed Trump at the World Series and chanted “Lock Him Up” speak out against him any chance they get. Still, the Fox News-verse is the last place Cheeto Jesus and his followers can find any kind of solace as public opinion continues to sour on this administration and support for his impeachment continue to grow. That being said, expect Trump and his croonies to double and triple down on their divisive ways in the coming weeks and months by using moments like YG’s to rile up his cult and supporters in hopes that they’ll protect him from being held accountable for any of his racism, crimes, and abuses of power.

Check out the controversial YG incident that got MAGA country up in a roar below and let us know your thoughts on the situation.

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