Watch the news, hear the voices of the people upset. Immigration, race relations, it’s all a mess and Houston rapper Doeman figures he’s got a voice, a platform and a message to share with the world. “Rise Up” is the DYNA leader’s unflinching approach to the current topics of today, whether it be the immigration practices created by the current administration, the pitting of black and brown people against one another and more.

“If we dont know our history, how could we ever change it,” Dodi raps on the track. “We were bred for greatness, we gotta escape the slaveship / Make the struggle make sense make the profit make flips / We ain’t cast a vote and now our president is racist.”

The video, directed by VicVal features Dodi at various anti-immigration protests in the city along with holding various signs of displeasure with senators and the President alike. Watch it below.

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