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Don’t call him Scarface anymore – he’s Brad Jordan.

The legendary Houston rapper and OG sits with The Madd Hatta Morning Show and addresses why he’s running for City Council in Houston, why he has no problem with people bringing up his past during election season, fondly remembers Bushwick Bill and how he got the news of his passing (13:39), the time the two lived together under the same roof, the final Geto Boys shows that were actually Face’s final shows as a member of the group (19:00), the wildest Bushwick Bill story (25:00) and more!

On Why He’s Running For City Council:

“I always … I love to give back to the city that gave so much to me, first and foremost. I’m not all over Instagram and social media showing what I do … but know that I do. So, Dwight (Boykins) is my partner. It’s already been in the making, Hatta. So with him vacating that seat, what better time to jump in? I was going to wait four years until he finished his last term to get my feet up under me. That four years turned into 24 hours when I found out he was running for Mayor. So I put the question out there, ‘Should I run for City Council?’ Everybody was overwhelming … I was like, ‘Damn!’ The way they do politics? The old way? It’s dead man, we need new blood.”

“I started a non-profit called The Positive Purpose Movement. My goal was to employ non-violent offenders, give them a second chance and I got to see how this really works. Being around the Senator and then being around the Councilmen and then being around the mayor … I’m getting a look at how this works on the inside. I’ve always looked at it from the outside. So now I’m looking like, “If they do this and it’s not working … oh I know how to fix that! It’s different solutions, man. It’s a lot to say you can do things with donations but when you have a budget to do stuff? You can get things done.”

How He Found Out Bushwick Bill Passed:

“The true story is this. Let me say this. If you know Bill then you know Bill got a buddy named Okie. I got a message at 8:06 AM (last Sunday). (plays recording of Okie saying Bill dead). I’m getting off a plane from Michigan and when your phone come back on and you go checking your messages and you get one saying, “Bill is dead,’ I was like ‘Wow!’ I had to put it all together. Spice-1 is on my text messages at 7:51 that same morning and he says, ‘Cuz, I don’t know if you know but Bill is in Denver and he’s not gon’ make it. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu*k’. And I respond, ‘S**t.’ And that’s from two people, that’s varied. I call James, I call Will, I call Chief and tell them, ‘We lost Bill, bruh.’ And we all put up our condolences. Then I get another message saying Bill ain’t dead. Now which one is it? Okie is Bill’s right-hand man and I know his dad told Okie that he passed. Bruh, that was cold. That right there man … Bill’s organs had shut down from what I understand and that he went peacefully. That he wasn’t suffering.”

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