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Source: Photo by Raven B. Varona/Parkwood/PictureGrou / Photo by Raven B. Varona/Parkwood/PictureGrou

So a few years ago people started to notice that there was no vintage Jigga on any streaming service besides Tidal. It was surprising at the time for some, because people couldn’t understand why a brand as large at Jay-Z’s would cut off income from services that undoubtedly benefited his pockets. But to people that understood Jay as a business, man (insert business man hip hop quotable here), it was understood that the King of NY was making sure people listened to old school Jay on modern day Jay’s newest toy.


Now however, it seems like everything’s changed. Check it out.


Thanks Jay.

TIDAL co-owner Jay-Z previously removed his music from competing platforms back in April 2017, but the most recent news sees the rapper’s music making a return to Apple Music. In the label info, the albums are listed under S. Carter Enterprises, LLC with distribution by Roc Nation; which lines up with how the Brooklyn rapper’s music is credited on TIDAL.



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