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Avengers Handprint Ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre

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The entire world at the moment is taking in Avengers: Endgame this weekend. The film has already broken records for the best single-day, opening-day, fastest to $100 million and $150 million at the box office as it raked it $150.1 million ALONE on Friday.

Still, there are those people out there who are spoiling the movies for those who haven’t seen it and with this being the opening weekend, the Russo Brothers actually writing a memo to plead with people to not spoil the movie, you still have people who are more than eager to discuss the movie on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. We see you, LeSean McCoy.

Well, somebody didn’t get the memo as outside of a Hong Kong theater, a man walked out of an Endgame screening loudly discussing plot points, spoilers and more within close proximity of people who were waiting to enter the theater. Somebody actually decided to put hands on the man!

Per Taiwanese media, as caught by Deadline, said man was approached by a group who hadn’t seen Endgame and didn’t take too kindly to him discussing plot points for a movie. Let it be said that a photo emerged of said man on social media, sitting on the ground with a bloodied face.

According to AsiaOne, some have questioned whether or not the event happened but those who were there claim they heard a man loudly discussing important things and plot developments. So let it be said, don’t spoil the movie unless you want somebody to punch you in the face.

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HT: Deadline and AsiaOne