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'Ferrari Karlie' Single Release Party

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Spice is still a hot topic on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, but Karlie Redd comes in a close second. We start the episode with Mimi, Sierra, Rasheeda, and Pooh. Mimi is still acting clueless about why her Black History tour with Spice fell apart. And then…Pooh goes on and one, again, about how she had an alleged threesome with Karlie Redd but that Karlie Redd keeps denying it. Mimi brings up a good point, which is that the Karlie we all know would usually own up to some mess like that so it’s odd that she would deny it in this case. In any event, Karlie’s engagement party is coming up, and we already know how these things go.

Speaking of Karlie, she and her fiance are visiting with the fertility doctor because he told her she has to kick her ivf treatments into high gear aka it’s time to stop pretending she’s 25, or 35, for that matter:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, Karlie’s fiance steps out and she uses his absence to say what she really had to say. She tells the doctor that she has been on her period for over a month. That obviously isn’t normal, so the doctor orders some tests because this could be a miscarriage. But we won’t find out what the results are until next week’s episode. But back to Karlie’s other drama.

Che Mack got a resident DJ gig at a nightclub. It’s the same club Karlie is having her engagement party. You know where this is going, right? So, Karlie stops by the club and learns that Che will be her party’s DJ. Che starts talking all this yang about how they should put the past behind them and Karlie is looking like:

That annoys Che Mack. In Che’s world, she and Karlie have a history, but Karlie is acting like she doesn’t know her. Later on, we find Che Mack linking up with Pooh. Pooh isn’t going to Karlie’s party but she gives Che Mack a notarized note and asks her to use it to expose Karlie Redd at her engagement party. Che Mack takes a look at the paper’s contents and says she’d be livid if someone did that to her at her party, but you know what? Che is dumb enough to take this drama to the party.

Che Mack starts up right after Karlie gives her thank you speech and gets all the pleasantries out of the way. Che goes from giving Karlie Redd a shout out to talking about how she has a message for Karlie from someone who couldn’t be there. This obviously goes downhill. Che goes on about Pooh and Karlie’s alleged threesome, then Karlie attempts to throw her microphone at Che. Karlie’s fiance has a firm grip on her so she can charge at anyone and security kicks Che Mack outta there. That’s that.

Next week, we get Karlie’s prognosis and potentially find out that her man is cheating. See you then.


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