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Maxo Kream‘s “Meet Again” is right in line with previous, autobiographical and reflective moments such as “Grannies” or “Roaches.” Here, he’s informing one of his friends on all the things going on outside the walls. The running somberness thorough shows Maxo’s homies literally going through all of the motions. Angst, anger, sadness, depression, it’s a cycle of developed trauma.

“I got homies in the grave, I got brothers in the pen/I got some that’s comin’ home, I got some that’s going in,” Maxo recites for the song’s chorus. He’s doing his part too, talking to mothers, putting money up for lawyers and detailing his own situation of getting bailed out. It gets worse for the Persona rapper when he mentions family getting locked up, only because of family.

My pops back in the system, he might just die in prison/My mom is co-defendant so she got locked up with him,” he raps. With so much going on in “Meet Again,” you’d think the world would be crumbling all around Maxo and company. But somebody has to tell the story. Watch the poignant new video for “Meet Again” from Maxo below.

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