Boston George is back in a major way.

The “Molly” rapper teamed up with Jeezy to drop Boston George & Diego and the hot new single “Pile Up” and now he’s in studio with G-Man and J-Que breaking it all down. From his deal with CTE to wanting to put on for new Houston artists, George says he’s taking it far more seriously this time around and the support has been crazy.

How did the tape come together? Thank Def Jam and CTE. “You ever see the movie Blow? Boston George & Diego who got a whole bunch of money in the streets trappin’? So that was the concept of it and the folks at Def Jam and the folks at CTE, they brilliant. So instead of putting [Jeezy] name on it, they promoted it a certain way where they’d draw all the attention to me.”

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George added, “I’m telling y’all man, I put on for the city.I tried t put other artists on and all type of stuff first. So for me to watch watch T.I., Khaled, Snoop Dogg post my stuff, post MY music? Man that was crazy to me!”

As far as an end game, George has one in mind. “I always felt like something great don’t come easy,” he said. “When the button finally get pushed for me, I’ma actually come home and put on and really put on what’s real in Houston as opposed to just being another artist. I want to give ’em three hard tapes of my life and then I want to put on for the next generation. I probably got another strong two years in me and then I want Houston [to knock] that glass ceiling everybody hit. I wanna open it up that it’s so much that everybody get something.”

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