Drake and Kentucky: In 2012, Kentucky won their first national championship under head coach John Calipari and ironically enough, Drake proved to be a big fan of Big Blue. So much so that in 2014, Drake appeared at Midnight Madness in Lexington … and then shot an airball in a layup line. The year after Kentucky won it all, they missed the tournament. Since then? They’ve lost in the National Championship Game (2014), lost in the National Semifinal (2015), lost in the second round (2016), lost in the Elite Eight (2017) and just this past season lost in the Sweet Sixten.

In other words, Kentucky hasn’t won a title since Drake dropped Nothing Was The Same.

Drake and the Raptors: Since the Raptors switched to OVO branding on their jerseys and literally everything else, Drake’s been courtside to root the Raptors on. Only problem is, they’ve fallen short every single year. They’ve never made an NBA Finals (blame LeBron James for that) and they’ve only been to the Eastern Conference Finals once. Well, at least they have clean jerseys?

Drake and Conor McGregor: Well, Conor got choked out after talking big noise and Drake still rode for the man. Let’s just say, Drake really isn’t good at this whole picking teams thing.

So, let it be said here and now – do not let Drake pick your team or your squad when it comes to anything going forward. If you’re a Cowboys or Saints fan, don’t wish for Drake to don a Zeke Elliott or Drew Brees jersey. If you’re the Rockets, well you already know about that. And so on!

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