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Houston’s hottest new restaurant belongs to one of Instagram’s funniest comedians. Blame It On Kway already amassed a large following with his Titi alter-ego and now the Dallas born (and Houston bred) comedian and actor is stretching his feet into different avenues.

“I never imagined putting on a wig, lipstick like that but I’ve always been a fan of Tyler Perry, I’ve always been a fan Martin Lawrence Sheneneah, Wanda Jamie Foxx, so I thought that area on social media hadn’t been attacked,” Kway says. “I remember back in the day when I first started I was like, ‘Is this okay? Is this okay to be doing this?’ So it was new. It was kinda new. I saw a couple doing it on social media … but when I first started it was hella backlash.”

Kway enjoys playing a totally different person in Titi, to the point where a late 2015 video shot his IG followers up from 11K to 300K and celebs such as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj took notice. The craziest thing? He directed a video for Janet Jackson. The. Janet. Jackson.

He still can’t believe through social media he’s landed a spot in a Janet Jackson video but there was a life before Kway. He was a sales assistant at Christian Louboutin, Saks Fifth Avenue and studying social work at Texas Southern University. And his inspiration for Titi? Growing up a lot of women.

“My mom has seven sisters, all of them had girls. So I just picked up the female mannerisms and stuff like that,” Kway says. “In high school I had a couple female best friends and I saw what they went through with guys and I took that and balled all that up into this character. That’s why I feel that she relates to a lot of women in this world.”

The biggest move yet? His Krab Queenz Restaurant which serves in his words, “bomb ass seafood and daiquiris.” But he still feels as if he hasn’t made it yet. “There’s a lot of social media influencers that put out content that are literally making a living. Like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, King Bach staying in million dollar homes and stuff like that. The traditional way of being famous … it’s not the only way. And I did it from one-minute videos. If I could give anybody a piece of advice, whatever you’re passionate about — you got to attack it fearlessly.”

Why didn’t the hate stop him? “I saw the bigger picture,” he says.

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