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HBO Celebrates New Season Of 'Insecure' With Block Party In Inglewood

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Episode six of Insecure was a lot — and that’s summing it up as easily as possible. The episode started off promising. Issa and Nathan seem to be hitting it off nicely. He’s supporting her dreams and they seem to be very close to falling in love. Lawrence is back (Lawrence Hive can breathe again) and it seems he’s been having a lot of “fun” while he’s been away. Things aren’t going so well for Chad but that’s okay, he seems to be handling it well, right?

Things seemed pretty peachy and all back to order, however somewhere in the middle of the episode it all went to hell — quickly! Dro is back in the picture and not for any good reason, Tiffany and Kelli have a falling out after Tiffany finds some new bourgeois pregnant friends to hang out with and our fave Nathan (aka Nanceford) has completely gone missing. He’s not answering her calls and he doesn’t have a voicemail set up. Something is wrong and he’s looking really sketchy.

One thing that is never sketchy is Insecure’s playlist for the episode. This one was full of all the gems to make this dramatic rollercoaster of an episode less heart wrenching. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Leikeli47 – “Mulita”

Leikeli47 makes back to back musical appearances on Insecure. After being featured on last week’s episode, she opens this week with an Insecure soundtrack original. What a perfect track to play while watching Lawrence’s excursions!


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