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Saweetie 'High Maintenance' Listening Event

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Last month, Saweetie dropped her highly anticipated EP High Maintenance and we ain’t stop bumpin’ it yet. Best known for her viral freestyle “ICY GRL,” the Bay Area rapper is a living monument to putting the f*ck boys on notice, glo’ing up, and getting the respect you deserve out of a relationship.

So, when Saweetie stopped by Global Grind, we asked her to speak on exactly that. Here the ICY GRL’s advice on how to boss up on your ex.

Focus on yourself.

“You obviously left that situation for a reason so give yourself some you-time…when you spend time with yourself, you know yourself and when you know yourself, you know what you don’t want.”

Get. Into. Your. Bag.

“Ladies and gentleman, that’s a great way to boss up on your ex—get your money up. When you’re focused on getting money, you [have] tunnel vision and that’s what you want. Get into your bag and the rest is history.”

Stop going out so much.

“I know being at the club and being at parties is dope, but when you’re out too much your value goes down. Disappear for a little bit, get your stock up. That’s number 3—stay at home, aight?”

Eat right and workout.

“Ain’t nothing better than a bomb body, you feel me? When you eat good, you breathe good, you sleep good, you think good. You are what you eat. You’re body’ll look good, your skin will get clear—and drink lots of water.”


“Leave the situation alone and get the negativity out of your life. Do what ever you gotta do, but leave it alone.”

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