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Source: Sasha Haagensen / Getty

On Sunday, Houston’s own, Paul Wall, offered up free grill to the Houston Astros team for making their way to the World Series against the LA Dodgers.
“It’s a celebratory thing,” Paul told The Associate Press. “We want to celebrate with them, congratulate them, here’s a memorable, commemorative grill.”

He’s a lifelong Astros fan from back to the $1 seats at the Astrodome. He tweeted early Sunday morning saying, “I literally just cried realizing that  are going to the World Series. Am I trippin????? For real, I cried real tears. Am I the only 1?”
Later on Sunday,  Wall was still feeling the excitement of the Astors win and he hit up social media again saying, “U know we had to do it! In celebration of  goin to the World Series we are offering free grillz for the entire team c/o me/ .”
The Astros pitcher, Lance McCullers tweeted his reply to Paul Wall saying, “A lot of guys are hype for this tbh let’s do it!”
Wall said that he got the idea customizing grillz for the Astros after he bumped into pitchers Justin Verlander, Dallas Keuchel and Tyler Clippard at a steakhouse before ALCS started.
“The offer is solid gold grills maybe with the Astros emblem engraved on them,” he said.
He continued by saying, “One or two is not too expensive, now if the whole 40-man roster wants a grill, oooh it could start getting expensive. But I’m a die-hard Astros fan and for me and TV Johnny to make grillz for them and congratulate them with a grill it means something, and that they would even accept or want a grill means a lot to me.”
Wall even wants to get a grill for owner Jim Crane… imagine him suited up with a grill.
“We need to hook him up with a grill. (But) he probably doesn’t even know what a grill is, he’d be like: ‘What is it, gas or charcoal,” Wall said cracking up.
Wall isn’t stopping there, he’s even willing to get Kate Upton a matching grill with her fiancé Verlander.
“We’re going to hook her up with a rose gold, pink sapphire grill,” he said. “Yep, yep, we’ve got her grill ready, too. His and hers.”
Wall did talk about the 2005 World Series when he released a commemorate Astros-themed song for them.
“We jinxed them,” Wall said. “A lot of the rappers in town, we’ve got a rule right now where we’re not making no songs until it’s over. We need to chill out on these songs.”
Don’t worry, he’s already hit pen to paper… “I’ve already got like there of them wrote. I’m just waiting to put them out,” he said.