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When you stay in a hotel do you take advantage of their free WI-FI?
They’re saying that the DarkHotel hacker group  is still hacking, but they have a newer malware that they are using.
The group has been hacking for more than 10 years and they’re apparently being selective with the victims they are targeting.
The hacker group want the political targets, “CEOs and high-ranking corporate officials” too.

They attackers compromise the WI-FI by either finding vulnerabilities in the software or by getting access to the hotel’s “infrastructure.
After the hackers are “in” they use phishing and other tricks like “social engineering” to infect the targeted computers with the malware called Inexsmar.
Inexsmar is a virus scheme where they send an email to the people, but they create an email that will peek their interest where they’re more likely to open up the email.
“The social engineering part of the attack involves a very carefully crafted phishing email targeted to one person at a time,” senior e-threat analyst at Bitdefender Bogdan Botezatu