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Here we are again for yet another Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta reunion! The season was as ratchet as we have come to expect and the reunion, as per usual, rehashes the drama that went down.

The highlights include:

1. Tommie’s jail situation. You know how Joseline got Tommie locked up for attempting to hit her with her car, right? Well, Tommie is still out on bail and we won’t know what the outcome of her case will be for a year. Joseline isn’t on stage yet, but legally they can’t even be within a few feet of each other so this is probably for the best. However, it’s interesting that Joseline got Tommie arrested given how many people she has attacked and threatened. Smh. Pots and kettles, you know how that goes.

2. Remember how Tommie started hanging out with Yung Joc to get back at Karlie for sleeping with Scrapp? Well, that comes up too and it turns out that while Tommie and Joc didn’t get intimate with each other, the time they spent together actually brought them together as “genuine” friends. Joc made it clear that he and Karlie weren’t even exclusive during that time so Karlie’s beef is silly, but we’ve long been used to Karlie’s bird antics and reaching for camera time. But get this! We then find out that Tommie got it poppin’ with Ceaser in Atlanta!


Karlie was dating Ceaser, as we saw. However, she mentioned that went to go pick Ceaser up one time he was in Atlanta (because he doesn’t have a car in the A) and folks told her that Tommie was with Ceaser. Karlie added that Ceaser said that he did smash Tommie. Tommie then said, “Imma play with you ’til the death of you b–ch.”


The real question is, why are they fighting over these ashy men? Sure, Tommie wants revenge, but this is ridiculous. Karlie ain’t even worth all that energy.

But I’m sure we’ll all be present when and if this all plays out on Black Ink Crew Atlanta.


3. The moment of the night that everyone has been waiting for is the Kirk and Rasheeda Saga!

Basically, Kirk still ain’t ish. He still won’t hold himself accountable for his actions. He still hasn’t taken the DNA test and Rasheeda broke down in tears, understandably hurt by what he put her through. However, she gets the tiny violin too because this isn’t the first time he cheated on her and his behavior in general is just unbecoming of a grown married man who allegedly feels bad about what he did. Rasheeda also keeps using the fact that they’ve been married for 17 years as a crutch to potentially work things out.


Jasmine and Rod weren’t present because Kirk and Rasheeda refused to appear if they were there. Producers asked if Jasmine and Rod would appear remotely, but they declined.

In the same vein, Sierra, her husband Shooter and her assistant Moriah were the other love triangle on the season. Their segment also gets nothing accomplished. Moriah doesn’t feel bad for what she did. Shooter does apologize to his wife, but it seems disingenuous, a point that’s compounded when he says that “Moriah was an accident.”  Sierra says she’s working on forgiving Shooter, though.


There’s a common adage that you teach people how to treat you. These women missed that memo.


4. Joseline never joins her colleagues on stage. She makes demands about who she wanted to sit with (Dime and Melissa only), and doesn’t want to talk to anyone (even though she has a lot of explaining to do), but producers don’t accommodate her (because they’re smart and used to her shenanigans). Instead, she’s standing outside the venue making a scene.


Next week, Stevie J and Joseline’s volatile relationship gets explored again. That’s nothing new, but the newest development, according to #TheBlogs is that Joseline quit the show (because she thinks she’s Beyonce), and we also know that Joseline has beef with Mona Scott-Young.


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