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Things pick right up in episode 2 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’s 6th season. Last week’s episode ended with Joseline and Stevie finally having a face to face conversation about the baby after Joseline had him served. Joseline expresses her disappointment in Stebie for not immediately claiming the baby.

Joseline’s tears get Stevie thinking that he might be the father of the baby but he’s taken back when the Puerto Rican princess reveals she is moving to Miami with the baby. Stevie was like:

Stevie doesn’t want that to happen and it appears he’s willing to do anything to see that doesn’t happen and that includes taking a paternity test. Joseline even goes back to Stevie’s crib and spends the night but lets her friend Melissa know that nothing went down. BUT what she did do was steal a pair of Stevie’s dirty underwear for some DNA evidence.

Now onto the other baby drama this season. Jasmine, Kirk’s alleged mistress dropped the bombshell to the loud mouth of the south Karlie Redd about having Kirk’s baby. We find out tonight that even though Jasmine messed with Kirk she has a felon boyfriend named Rod.

Rod is now home after serving time for money laundering, his Love and Hip-Hop claim to fame is he used to work with Young Joc. Jasmine feels terrible that she spilled the beans to Karlie and runs to Rod for advice because he’s been helping her with Kirk’s baby son Cannon.

Speaking of Karlie she meets up with Jasmine to do more detective work because clearly this is her calling. Jasmine after showing regret for telling Karlie in the first place still shows up this meeting this time with plenty of receipts for Karlie. Jasmine has photos, receipts and videos all stored in her phone and shows Karlie and even tells her she met the family giving Karlie everything she needs to go run back to Rasheeda with “tea”.

Karlie doesn’t waste one second and she links up with Rasheeda and tells her everything. Rightfully so Rasheeda was skeptical at first, but realizes Karlie has to be out of her mind crazy to be spreading a rumor like that. With tears in her eyes because she found out her husband of 17-years is willing to lie in her face she hangs onto hope that Jasmine is just scheming on them.

Tommie is released from jail and tonight we meet her momma and things go left immediately between them. Tommie is not feeling her mom’s reception towards her and claims she always “busy” when Tommie gets locked up.

When Tommie’s bail bondsman that she has happen to have on retainer shows up because she visits jail cells often her mom tells him to take Tommie back.

Tommie loses it and the two go at it like they are not even mother and daughter.

Speaking of Mommas, Momma Dee is back and we are unfortunately introduced to her new “blazing” single and her having a Soul Train line in the middle of an Atlanta street.

After her “performance” her and Ernest have a conversation where she learns that her worst nightmare is coming true, Ernest’s momma is moving to Atlanta. Momma Dee is not feeling that and seeks council with her Prince, Scrappy. He tells Momma Dee she is overreacting and needs to chill out and also reveals in the process he and Bambi are not seeing eye to eye at the moment.

Now to the moment we have all been waiting for, Rasheeda and Kirk finally sit down and talk after Rasheeda learned about his shenanigans. She asks Kirk about the information recently revealed to her by Karlie and Kirk basically sat there looking like:

Well of course we didn’t get the full conversation and they left us with the only cliff hanger tonight. We can’t wait to see this whole situation unfold next week. The internet of course chimed in and let Kirk have it tonight with hilarious memes . Hit the gallery below to see the best ones generated from tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.


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