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Prince Jackson spoke to Robin Roberts in a rare interview on GMA about what he’s doing these days and what he feels his father would say about it.
“I’m not a fan of having my private or personal life out there, but I understand the importance of showing what I do and hopefully trying to inspire others to kind of continue spreading the good and helping the community,” he said.
He’s now 20-years old and he has tried acting and producing videos… he’s still doing his charity work called “Heal LA” The charity is something similar that his father did called, “Heal the World.”
It’s a student organization that John Muto and I had started earlier in my freshman year. It is inspired from Heal the World. We primarily focus on child abuse, homelessness, and hunger in Los Angeles area.”
Prince then starts to talk about a partnership with another charity group called “The Sense of Home.”
“Supports foster kids who aged out of the system, in a sort of preempt against homelessness. Because it is very hard to get on your feet once you’ve gotten out of the system.”
Later he and Robin talk about his production company called, “King’s Son Production” telling us that the name is derived from being the King of Pop’s son.
Robin points out that Paris has her modeling career kicking off and Prince’s production and etc…, but she asked Prince what would his father “say about your endeavors, his children’s endeavors right now?”
Prince said, “As we were growing up my dad always said, ‘I really don’t care what you do in life, as long as you’re happy doing it and you’re the best at what you do. If you want to be a janitor r at a high school, you should be the best janitor that you can be.'”
He also said, “So, I think he would have been the supporting figure to me and my siblings and support us in all the endeavors that we try.”

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