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With an impressive $30.5 million dollar debut weekend, it seems that people actually got out to see Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out. But not everyone is feeling the critically praised new film that tackles race and horror in a Post-Obama era.

According to Mic, some white folks have flocked to the Rotten Tomatoes website to slam the film for its so-called “anti-white” and “racist” portrayal of white characters. Here are a few examples:

Beth R: “This is the most stupid, boring, racist, idiotic movie I have EVER watched – I stayed n the movie wanting to leave – maybe I was hypnotized into the sinking place – because I stayed hoping for ANYTHING to happen that was at all interesting or worthwhile Holy Moly !!! this was bad.”

Cameron N: This is nothing but a racial propaganda movie made for those who are embarrassed they are white and for those who hate whites. Can’t believe I sat through this piece of garbage. So bad!”

Micheal D: “Massively racist. Demonizes white people in the typical stereotypical ways. Intended for those with sociopolitical agendas that lean to the far left. Interesting that it is always a black man with a white woman rather than other way around. The movie wasn’t that scary. This has been done before several times. Acting is decent in parts, but again if you don’t already hate white people this isn’t the movie for you.”

Keith%20: “I don’t care if this actually an entertaining movie or not I find it atrocious that anyone can support such outright racism. It’s blatantly pushing a racist stereotype agenda against white people. But no you can’t be racist against white people we’re “too privileged” I’ve heard as an excuse ..”.

Paul b: “100% Anti-white film used as propaganda. White shaming white women to date black guys or they are racist. Standard “it’s so tough to be a black person” nonsense. White people are evil bla bla bla…black people are persecuted bla bla bla. This movie was poorly acted and directed. Wooden cast. Its forgettable if it weren’t for the disgusting racism involved and a Hollywood narrative. Sadly I wasted my money on this so I can be insulted on this D-level “thriller.”

Real talk: Where is this same outrage when white directors continually stereotype people of color? Right, nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, folks are not here for this salty critique and have flocked to Twitter to show their support of the film:


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