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Gucci Mane kept it all the way honest during a recent appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable. The Atlanta rapper’s story of breaking his long term addiction to lean has the power to wake up a lot of young people headed down the wrong path.

During the 8-minute interview, hosts Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard kick it with the “East Atlanta Santa” about his controversial past and uncover that Gucci’s most miserable days were felt at the height of his success.

“My whole 10 years in the music game was filled with violence and paranoia and drugs. It was all like a blur.” Gucci confessed. “[Those days were] miserable. When you been doing wrong for so long and you did wrong by other people, you never know when it’s gonna come back on you.”

Luckily, his 3-year-stint in prison was a pivotal time that probably saved his life. While he admits being forced to detox from a 7-year addiction to lean was agonizing, it was transformative in straightening him out physically and mentally.

“Drying out from drinking lean is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. It tears your body down. It tears your mind down. When you been doing something for so long, it’s kinda like food. [Detoxing] was like starving.” When speaking of his newfound physique, he recalls, “I was so bloated and overweight, I was almost 290 pounds. So when I got [in prison] I just started working out, drinking water, reading and planning and plotting on what I was gonna do when I got out. It just kept me hopeful.”

Looking back, Gucci says he’s surprised (and thankful) his lean habit didn’t put him in an early grave. “I’m blessed to even be here today.” 

Nobody keeps it realer than Guwop. Check out his inspiring interview below:

SOURCE: Highly Questionable | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty

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