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Delta Sigma Theta

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Everyone knows that greek organizations have a vow a secrecy when it comes to the behind the scenes activities and rituals they take part in. A former Delta Sigma Theta Inc.member has decided to quit her sisterhood organization after claiming it had cult-like qualities.

Angela Crenshaw wrote an open letter published on Memoirs of a Virtuous Woman explaining why she no longer is about that black, greek life. She wrote, “I am denouncing my membership with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. When I first joined, I was so blinded by my desires to be a part of the organization and didn’t focus on God’s will. Different pastors and ministers would speak on the Christian principles of the organization, but I realized how can you be a Christian organization and not mention Jesus Christ?”

Crenshaw continued on, revealing the moment that made her come to the turning point, saying, “A national president took the entire 1 Corinthians 13 and changed the biblical scripture around to glorify Delta. I had a tug in my heart like “umm can we do that?” No, that is disrespectful to God and his Word. You are misusing the word to glorify the organization which comes off very prideful and blasphemy.”

As for why denouncing Delta is a crucial part in her journey as a christian, Angela says that her love for God is strong and she wants to follow his word, adding, “Some may say, ‘Does it matter?”’Yes, it does. God tell us to separate ourselves from darkness and anything not of Him is darkness. The enemy will try to disguise himself in so many different ways. If you want to serve in the community, you still can without being tied to a sorority. If you want a sisterhood, join a church and God will give you godly sisters. Was it hard for me to step out at first? Yes, but I had to remind myself that this life is temporary and everything here on Earth will fade away. I love God and want to follow His word.”

Readers commented under the lengthy post with their feelings about the issue. One girl named Chloe who described herself as a “proud member” of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, disagreed with Crenshaw’s remarks and the way she denounced her membership. Chloe wrote, “As a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., I respect your choice; but I disagree with your assessment. As a Christian you should reconsider your denouncement approach. Your denouncement should be between you and your God, not on display for public consumption and one-sided judgement. Wishing you a blessed life, good health & happiness.”

No word on which University Angela Crenshaw joined greekdom at, but they’re probably not happy with her choice to go public with such a sacred and secretive situation. Do you agree with Angela and the way she handled her departure from Delta Sigma Theta?

Source: Bossip, Memoirs of A Virtuous Woman 

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