What about Daryl? Well he seizes his opportunity to escape from his living hell.


Following the instructions on the note left for him Daryl makes his move out of his cell. He quickly finds himself new clothes and rids himself of that horrible sweat suit given to him. He also kills a jar of peanut butter and we totally understand after being fed dog food throughout his time there.

He finally makes it outside to where the motorcycles are located and spots his baby, but he is spotted by Fat Joey. Fat Joey doesn’t want any trouble with Daryl and tries to talk himself out of the situation. Daryl of course knows better than to trust the saviors and beats him to death with a pipe. While Daryl is going to town on poor Fat Joey, Jesus stumbles upon him and takes him back to the Hilltop.

Maggie, Sasha and Enid are still there and Maggie has become quiet the talk of the town. With Gregory on the outs the people are talking about Maggie taking over and she’s pondering the notion.

Back in Alexandria Rick is still trying process exactly what just happened. Michonne walks in and it’s there the two have a heartfelt conversation about their situation. Michonne breaks down that it’s time they came together to take down Negan and the Saviors. Rick reveals to Michonne that he realizes that. The two share a tender and very passionate moment together.

With Rick’s confidence back the gang heads to Hilltop to recruit people to take out Negan. They are greeted by Maggie and Sasha at the gate but it’s the appearance of Daryl that makes Rick get emotional. The two friends hug it out during the big reunion and Daryl has a gift for Rick.


He hands Rick back his trusty python in a touching moment. That’s right ladies and gentlemen RICK GRIMES IS BACK!  So when The Walking Dead returns in February 2017 it looks like Negan is going to have a problem on his hands and we can’t wait. Before the episode completely ends though the mysterious figure that was watching Rick and Aaron earlier while they were on the boat is spying on Alexandria.

We wonder who it can be? Is here to help? Or is he going to be another thorn in the groups side?  Looks like things are going to get very interesting.

PHOTO: Gene Page/The Walking Dead

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