While Negan is in town, Spencer see’s an opportunity to get rid of Rick as he feels he can be a better leader than Rick. Spencer throws on his best polo and combs his hair and grabs a bottle of left over whiskey to offer to Negan and make his pitch. Over a game of outdoor pool Spencer snitches on Rick to make himself look good to Negan.


Spencer thinks he’s gaining Negan’s favor by telling him about Rick but his plan backfires. Negan instead calls out Spencer for not having any guts and taking out Rick himself. Negan lets Spencer know that he is not here to do his dirty work and proceeds to gut Spencer like a pig.


Spencer did all of that and still managed to get himself killed in the process.


With the Alexandrians looking on, Rosita sees an opening to finally put her Eugene crafted bullet to use. She quickly pulls out her handgun and shoots at Negan. Unfortunately for her aim stinks and she shoots Negan’s beloved bat Lucille instead of the leader of the Saviors.


Negan of course wasn’t too happy about that, how dare someone hurt his bat? Rosita is immediately tossed to the ground and interrogated with a knife drawn to her face.


Negan loves someone who has “balls” and Rosita is definitely showing that by still being defiant in spite of her circumstances. Negan knows that the bullet she shot at him is specially crafted and he asks her who made it? To keep Eugene safe, Rosita tells Negan that she made the bullet but Negan isn’t buying it. He then tells his lackey to kill someone and she takes out poor Olivia.

Rick makes it to the scene just as Olivia is gunned down with badly beaten Aaron.


Rick is furious as this wasn’t part of the deal he made with Negan to keep his people safe. Negan quickly breaks down what happen but making it seem like he did Rick a favor by taking out Spencer for him. Rick tells Negan to the supplies they rounded up for them and leave. Negan obliges but he still wants to know who made the bullet before he leaves.

Tara then decides to make the case that she made the bullet but Eugene has heard enough. He breaks down and admits he crafted the bullet for Rosita. Negan believes him and takes him and the supplies that Rick brought back and leaves Alexandria. It’s there Rick realizes that whatever they do won’t be enough to keep Negan satisfied. In that same moment Spencer turns and Rick puts him out of his misery.


It’s Gut Check Time Literally and Figuratively On The Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead !  was originally published on stuffflypeoplelike.com

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