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This season of The Walking Dead has been a very long and torturous one. We had to watch our favorite leader Rick Grimes and group of zombie apocalypse survivors bend to the will of Negan and his vicious Saviors.


Now in the six seasons of the show it’s just something that fans weren’t used to seeing for such a long a period of time during the season. Well on tonight’s mid-season finale it was gut check time Rick and co.

Carol has made the decision that she is over fighting and just wants to sit in her quaint little home and be left alone. Morgan is still in The Kingdom and is definitely enjoying his stay there. Morgan checks in on Carol by just leaving her some supplies on her doorstep. Carol spots him and calls him back, their conversation is interrupted by Richard as he something to ask the both of them.


Richard feels The Saviors will eventually break the deal Ezekiel has in place with them and will try to take The Kingdom. Knowing what Morgan and Carol and capable of he asks them to help him convince Ezekiel that it’s time they attacked The Saviors before it’s too late. Carol and Morgan are both reluctant but it’s mainly Carol who wants no parts of the plan and shuts it down. Little does she know that her friends need her, Morgan and The Kingdom’s help more than ever.

Meanwhile Michonne is on her mission to have some face to face time with Negan. Taking one of the saviors hostage, she makes the Savior drive her to Negan’s location.


Michonne and her captor reach their destination, her captor points out that Negan isn’t just one person he is all of them. Michonne realizes that she can’t do this alone as their numbers are too great. Michonne is informed by her hostage there is a silencer in the glove compartment and she kills her hostage and makes her way back to Alexandria realizing that she needs Rick.

When we last left Rick and Aaron they were out scavenging for supplies to give to Negan and his crew. Rick and Aaron stumble across a boat in the middle of a river with zombies used as traps to keep strangers away. Rick and Aaron make it to the boat to find a decent stash of weapons but no ammo for them. What they don’t know is there is mystery person watching them from a distance.


While Rick, Aaron and Michonne are away Negan came to play last episode bringing with him Carl. Negan is really enjoying his time in Alexandria and is getting real cozy in Rick’s home even mingling with his Rick’s baby daughter Judith. Negan even takes full advantage of Rick’s bathroom and gives himself a clean shave while a dejected Carl has to watch.

Negan as we have learned throughout the season is a master at making breaking down his enemies. He even treats himself to a home-cooked meal and unfortunately Carl, Judith and Olivia had to join Negan at the dinner table.



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