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Another day, another public place allows racism to rear it’s ugly head.

A young black male, who goes by the yelp name J.J.M, was just trying to enjoy a night out in NYC at West Village hot spot, The Fat Cat, where he says his experience with the service was horrific. Like most young New Yorkers who want their experiences shared, J.J.M took to Yelp to vent his frustrations with the venues “racist” behavior.

He wrote, “The concept of the bar is great, but the service I experienced tonight, from multiple employees, was horrific. 1) When I asked the bartender (who was white) a question, he snapped at me and said, verbatim, “I’m in the middle of a sentence–can you let me finish my sentence and then I’ll get to you?”

But the disrespect apparently didn’t stop there, J.J.M continued, “Someone spilled a drink on the floor at the ping pong table my friend and I were assigned. When my friend asked if someone could mop up the beer, they handed him paper towels. 3) When I went back to the bar myself to ask for assistance with the wet floor (below the ping pong table they charge $$ to reserve), a different bartender skipped over me to attend to the (white) gentleman behind me. I have never left a bar feeling so demoralized.”

As for whether or not he’d ever return to the venue, he says, “I will not ever give this place another dime of my money, and I encourage its staff to do better. This year has been s***ty enough–we could all benefit from treating each other less like s**t.”

Touché, J.J.

Source: Yelp

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