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Chance the Rapper isn’t the only artist showing Kanye West love in his time of need.

Just as rumors of ‘Ye suffering a psychotic breakdown started gaining traction, G.O.O.D Music president Pusha T flipped the script and got positive. It turns out yesterday was the sixth anniversary of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album – and for Pusha, the project was just as unforgettable as it was for fans.

Alongside the provocative album cover, Pusha said of his mentor on Instagram: “6 yrs ago today I was apart of one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. You invited me to Hawaii and said ‘pick whatever tracks you love and write to all of them.’ I got greedy, I stopped going to play basketball with you every morning and proceeded to write to 8 songs on your album. U kept me on 2, “Runaway” which was your platinum single, and “So Appalled” which put me on a song with you, Hov, Cyhi, Swizz, and produced by Rza.”

Pusha went on to thank Kanye for setting him up to be the solo artist he is today and providing him “countless opportunities.” Read his message in full above.

There is one rapper, however, that is not too happy with ‘Ye at the moment – and no, we’re not talking about Hov. Yesterday’s reports claim that Kanye’s physician used the name “Jim Jones” to call in his emergency to paramedics anonymously, and now the real Jimmy has something to say about it.

In his first post, he jokingly says Kanye needs to send him a pair of Yeezys to make up for it.

When he heard that Kanye also allegedly checked into the hospital under his name, Jim responded with:

On a more serious note, Jim tells TMZ he would like an apology from Kanye because “…that’s kinda fucked up that he would use my name in such a crazy manner… If people didn’t know it wasn’t him and they just thought it was Jim Jones doing the regular, crazy Jim Jones thing that could have got my ass in trouble. So for that alone, I should charge Kanye a sucker fee [laughs].” “I don’t care about that type of shit.” He adds. “I do need an apology I believe. Too scared to be in your own skin? Your name Kanye, my name Jim Jones. I didn’t know you wanted to trade lives. I wouldn’t want to be you anyway, not in my worst nightmare – I’m cool with who I am. I’m gonna start using his name. My new alias is Kanye West. I can’t wait to pull up to hotels, the Hermès stall and tell them Mr. West is outside.”

It’s hard to tell if Jim is upset, laughing it off, or both. But our guess is, Jim isn’t too serious. What’s your take?


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