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North Carolina State Representative Cecil Brockman is taking a stand on behalf of the LGBT community.

After his fellow lawmakers supported the HB2 bill, a law that prevents transgender people from using public restrooms that correspond to the gender with which they identify, Brockman decided to come out as bisexual. In a new interview, he makes it clear he will continue to fight for the LGBT community.

From Towleroad:

In an interview with the News & Record, Brockman said, “It was incredibly frustrating to hear people who have very ignorant opinions because very few of those people know a member of the LGBT community.”

He continues, “I’ve heard what people say about LGBT people when they think they’re talking to a room full of straight people. […] The conversations they had on the (House) floor without an LGBT person in the room, versus when there was one were very different. […] It’s important to tell the folks down in Raleigh, you are serving with members of the LGBT community and elected members you serve with can potentially be harmed by your legislation. I hope it opens people’s eyes to realize that the work we do affects real people’s lives.”

His reveal has already made waves:

And Brockman’s newfound openness has already had an impact, as the News & Record notes: When the House was debating whether to include a provision for LGBT students in an anti-bullying bill, Brandon stood up and said, “You’re talking about me.” The provision made it into the bill with a unanimous vote in the House, although it did not survive the Senate.

Brockman adds, “I want people to recognize that members of the LGBT community are your sons and your daughters, your aunts and uncles. You can’t turn away from those members of the community. It’s important for me as a black person to stand up for the black community, as well as stand up for the LGBT community. I’m a part of both communities, and I want to push my community to be more tolerant and accepting.”

Meet the honorable Rep. Cecil Brockman just above and leave your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Towleroad

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