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It was November 17, 1996, and The Rock was making his WWF debut as “Rocky Maivia” in the “Survivor Series” that took place in Madison Square Garden.


This pay-per-view match was the tenth annual Survivor Series that was a four-on-four elimination match that included superstars such as; Marc Mero, Rocky Maivia, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, The Stalk against Crush (Brian Adams), Jerry Lawler aka “The King”, Hunter Hearst Helmsley aka “Triple H”, and Golddust.

In this video, we have the opportunity to watch Dwayne Johnson’s “The Rock” 2016 reaction to his debut that took place almost 20 years ago in the than WWF.
The Rock starts off by saying, “We’re doing a little feature here we’re going to do every once in a while and it’s called ‘Rocks Reacts.”
He says, “Generally when someone comes into the WWE and they have their very first, their very first match, it’s generally what’s called at a live event or a very small venue. It’s certainly not at a big pay-per-view. My very first match in the WWE was at one of their biggest pay-per-views of the year called “Survivor Series” in the most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden.”

He’s proud to tell us that his grandfather, “”High Chief” Peter Maivia wrestled for Vince McMahon’s father and his father, “Rocky Johnson” wrestled for Vince McMahon in the Madison Square Garden too.

He says that when he found out what the finale of the match was going to be, The Rock called his parents and told them, “Hey, just watch tonight, something special is going to go down.”

The Rock is seeing his debut video and he tells us that he has a chia pet on his head… It was the 1990’s.

He starts with the wrestling match and tells us that his teammate Jake The Snake had been hit with a “hard punch” by Brian “The Crush” Adam and was counted out.
What he says a little about “The Crush” saying, “Who was an awesome guy, who has since passed away and I appreciate him so much.”
The Crush passed away in 2007, in an apparent drug overdose in his Florida home.
You can see in a small window The Rocks expressions w hole he’s calling his own match telling you every wrestling move that he did, The Crush did or that Gold Dust did before the finale.
“Look at that power, I started nailing Gold Dust with the big right hand,” The Rock said. “And I start going crazy right here, right here. All that crazy sh** and those crazy moves- that in wrestling terms is called ‘Baby Face Fire.'”

The Rock says, “Vince McMahon commentating, he was once of the greatest of all time in terms of commentating. I wish he would still commentate.”

He’s still funny, he says, “OOH, a low blow. Right into the balls, those aren’t just any balls, those are the people’s balls.”
The Rock tells us a secret about that moment too when he says:
“When I gave the big cross body to Crush and he let basically, he let me ‘Go Over’ and that’s what it means in wrestling terms. As I was pinning him, I gave him the big cross body, landed on him, I started pinning… the referee was counting 1, 2… you’ll see my head down and I was actually speaking to him.
As I’m pinning him, I am saying to him, thanking you so much brother, thank you so much. I appreciate that. I heard him say, ‘No problem brother, I got you.'”
“Vince McMahon told me, ‘It’s your night, keep your head up,'” said The Rock.
You can hear Vince McMahon commentating saying, “How proud is Rocky Johnson and his Mom…”