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Source: Aliya Faust / Radio One

In Philadelphia, the city’s transit agency, “The Southern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority,” (SEPTA) made the announcement that they are going to be taking a bold test run to keep their city clean by using a water repellant product.
The SEPTA has decided to try using Ultra-Ever Dry coating, this Ultra-Ever Dry is a liquid that is used to repel water, oil and other liquids such as urine that is generally used in public areas. The idea is to have the Ultra-Ever Dry coated it and when an area is urinated on, the urine will repel back at them.

This water repellant product has already been used in San Francisco, CA and Hamburg, Germany and in San Francisco they use it on a few of their city walls to fight the public urination problem.
The SEPTA’s spokesman, Andrew Busch said, “From what we’ve understood, it seems like t here’s been some success (with the coating) so we are certainly willing to give this a try.
One of the problems that occurred with public urination happened last year in San Francisco when a light post fell on a car that was corroded by the urine.
Urination in public is illegal in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Texas… in Philly and San Fran there is a $300 fine and in Texas, you can be considered a sex offender. Under the Texas laws, you can be charged with indecent exposure.