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For the past few weeks on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, we learned that Lyrica and A1’s respectively crazy mothers hate each other. Last week they almost brawled in a nice Hollywood restaurant. This week, we picked up with their moms getting kicked out of the spot, but with A1 deciding to give Lyrica her upgraded engagement ring anyway. They wanted their moms to see the auspicious moment, hoping it would unify their families, but such is life…and reality TV.


Nikki finally revealed to her girls, Nia, and Teairra Mari, that she’s seeing Safaree and Rosa Acosta. They’re cool with Rosa Acosta, even though news of Nikki being into women is new to them, but they’re not feeling Safaree. They think he’s a messy lame (the facts that he’s suing Nicki Minaj, and they think he comes off as corny on his social media is what did it). Nikki says she feels like she’s living a double life. You know where this is going—Nikki’s inevitable big dramatic reveal to her lovers will lead to messy fallout perfect for Love and Hip-Hop franchise TV.


Shanda is working hard to step out of Willie’s shadow as an artist in her own right. Fast forward to the night of her open mic. It’s not really about her singing, though. Teairra showed up to support, and that might be a good thing because crazy Kyesha showed up to perform—this girl has been stalking Shanda’s Instagram and showed up to antagonize her with a song she wrote specifically about that cheating situation and how they’ve been creeping for 12 years. This is really on some Single Black Female ish.


Obviously, Shanda and Teairra popped off. Security did break it up, but they did get some blows in. Later on, Shanda realized she was at her tipping point. She wrote Willie a letter explaining (in a dramatic voice over montage) that she was stepping back from the marriage until Willie was 100% ready to be honest and explain what really happened with Kyesha.

In other news, Safaree and Fizz got to pow wow about their connection to Nikki. Safaree informed Fizz that he’s talking to Nikki. He did this for cameras to keep the beef down. Fizz was cool about it and they actually started bonding over Nikki’s oft-MIA/ghost-like behavior. This shows you the differences in how men and women on this franchise have historically taken news like this. No fists or drinks were thrown.

But back to Safaree. The bigger question is, why all the fur in LA?



It’s distracting.

Safaree later on confronted Nikki about her shady ways, as per his convo with Fizz. Nikki got super defensive and basically played the whole, “I don’t know why you’re acting like this, you’re so insecure” routine. They’re not really official, though, so she kind of had a point (there was no mention of Rosa on her part, though). However, we can already see that Safaree really likes her because he backed off when Nikki basically told him to stop being insecure and paranoid.


A1 and Lyrica eloped. They got hitched at an empty church that resembled the scene of the Bride’s murder in Kill Bill. They eloped because of all the family drama. Lyrica was upset because her mom wasn’t there, but this is what they had to do to avoid drama. It was the loneliest wedding ceremony ever.


Their nuptials went off without a hitch, but you know it’s about to be on when their crazy mothers find out what happened.

Also, $5 says they’re going to try to get married again, but with a major ceremony, if thy make it to the next season.

This is where the episode ends. See you next week, same ratchet time, same ratchet channel.


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