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Zoe Saldana has her heart set on her kids knowing the world.

During dinner with her sisters and friends recently, Zoe raised the important issue of teaching her kids about their ancestry and taped the conversation for YouTube. As you’ll recall, the Nina actress and Italian artist Marco Perego got married in 2013 and welcomed twin boys in November of the following year.

Zoe explains, “It is a necessity for us to raise our children with our roots so that they can communicate with their grandparents, but also so that they can create some kind of empathy for human beings that do not look like them, and do not sound like them and do not smell like them.”

She went on to talk about the promises she made before having two children of her own.

“We had made all these promises when we were growing up as first generation Latinas that we’d speak Spanish the way we spoke Spanish,” she said. “But, you don’t realize as you’re saying ‘we’re gonna speak Spanish,’ you’re not saying ‘vamos hablar español.’ It’s very important for you to seek the world, to want to know what’s out there besides the comfort of your block.”

While she’s into exploring the world, America is still the place she calls home.

“America still holds the first spot in my heart,” she said. “I love going back to all the routes that we are from, from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, going back to the Middle East. Knowing about our cultures in Africa and everything, but there’s something about landing through JFK, landing through LAX, that I just feel safe.”

Watch her roundtable discussion just above.


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