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Do you remember the tweets that actress/comedian Leslie Jones received last month from a Twitter troll?
Body shammers are out against and now they’re attacking one of the Olympic gymnast who is competing in the 2016 Rio Games.
Her name is Alexa Moreno and she is a 22-year old Mexican gymnast who stands at4’11 and 99-pounds.
That’s right, Alexa is 99-lbs and instead of congratulating her, people are going as far as comparing her to Mama Lucha, the character that they’re using for women in Mexico who wear different hats in their everyday lives. The looks show a not so trimmed lady in a costume…
Alexa has done good during the Olympics, she competed in the uneven bars, floor exercise, bean and the vault, ranking at thirty-one all around.
It’s good to see that people have come to her defense on Twitter with tweets against the trolls who are trying to kill her joy and hard work.
One supportive tweet was from the Mexican Nationals Football (Soccer) team, Diego Reyes. Reyes plays for Portuguese club Porto and the Mexican National team as a defender, midfielder, had this to say about her

Felicidades a  por su gran participación en las olimpiadas!Una razón más de sentirnos orgullosos a pesar de todas las críticas👏🏽

Which translates to, “Congratulations to  for your great participation in the Olympics! One more reason to be proud despite all the criticism”

Proud of Mexican gymnast  who on top of being an olympian, has to endure degrading comments. You inspire …

I’d love to see anyone body-shaming Alexa Moreno do that badass floor routine she pulled off. She’s a tremendous athlete and cute as can be.

I’d love to see all the asshats body shaming  try to compete in the olympics 

Gracias por tu esfuerzo, talento y dedicación. Gracias por ser tú. Nos sentimos orgullosos. 

Which translates to, “Thank you for your effort, talent and dedication, Thank you for being you. We are proud. 
This guy not only posted a supportive message, but he added her amazing floor exercise with it too.

Beautiful, strong & amazing athlete giving us her best, Thank you   loves you …

sIt’s no surprise that she wants to be someone great ether, Alexa studied architecture and it’s said that she wants to build her own work-out facility.
In an interview with CCTV in July, she said, “Gymnastics is a sport for strong people. You need to be dedicated, have a strong will and lots of persistency. I don’t stop until I have reached my goals… You need to believe in yourself and fight to be able to do things no one has ever done before.”
Alexa just wants to prove that she can compete and achieve what she wants and the mean tweets are just attacking another strong female trying to succeed in the world.

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