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African-Americans in Ohio and Pennsylvania aren’t here for Donald Trump. According to a recent poll, zero percent of Blacks in those states said they would vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton. The poll, conducted by NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, and Marist, showed that 88 percent of the 848 Black voters from Ohio who participated in the survey said they support Clinton. In Pennsylvania, 91 percent of the 829 Black voters who participated in the poll said they would vote for her as well. Overall, Clinton is leading the race in Pennsylvania; she and Trump are tied in Ohio. Read more.

Celebrities Spread Awareness About Police Brutality with ’23 Ways’ Video

After the shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, many celebrities are using their platform as a way to spread awareness about police brutality. A new video by Mic, called “23 ways you could be killed if you are black in America,” features stars like Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Chris Rock and Taraji P. Henson recounting the trivial reasons why Black people have lost their lives at the hands of police officers. The video was created by songstress Alicia Keys. She was inspired by a piece on titled “23 Everyday Actions Punishable by Death if You’re Black in America.” “It was just so powerful because it was all just so trivial. I just felt so devastated and frustrated and angry, saddened and disappointed. Those are the same feelings that we all feel,” she said. “Each and every person I reached out to responded so quickly,” she said. “They were feeling exactly how I’m feeling and they were just ready.” Keys and her organization We Are Here implore viewers to sign a petition asking President Obama and Congress to focus on “radical transformation to heal the long history of systemic racism so that all Americans have the equal right to live and to pursue happiness.” The petition garnered almost 50,000 signatures in a few hours. Read more.

Erykah Badu to Donate Concert Proceeds to Organization that Tests Detroit’s Backlog of Rape Kits

Proceeds from one of Erykah Badu’s upcoming shows will be donated to a non-profit organization in Detroit that focuses on testing the city’s backlog of rape kits. The show will be held on August 12 at the Chene Park Amphitheater. Five dollars from each ticket will be given to the African-American 490 Challenge. Proceeds from her “pre-show reception” and her “VIP reception” will also be donated to the organization. Kym Worthy, a prosecutor in Wayne County, said that Badu’s generosity will be a “phenomenal assist” to the issue. In 2009, 11,000 rape kits were discovered in a police warehouse in Detroit. There are thousands of rapes kits across the nation that have been left untested. Read more.

Philly Airport Employees to Protest During DNC

Employees at the Philadelphia International Airport have decided to protest during the Democratic National Convention. The workers, who include airplane cleaners, wheelchair attendants, baggage handlers, and others, want better scheduling, a defined structure surrounding their disciplinary system, and transparency when it comes to sick pay. They also want the opportunity to unionize. “The purpose of the DNC is to lift workers out of poverty,” said Gabe Morgan, area vice president for SEIU 32BJ. “What these workers are fighting for is what the DNC and the convention is supposed to be about.” Morgan also said workers who tried to push for unionizing have been let go from their jobs in the past. Read more.

Daveed Diggs to Leave ‘Hamilton’

Almost one week after Hamilton creator Lin Manuel-Miranda left the hit Broadway show, actor Daveed Diggs revealed he will also be departing. Diggs won a Tony Award for his role as Marquis de Lafayette/Jefferson. Although several roles are being recast, understudies Andrew Chappelle, Austin Smith, and Seth Stewart will step in. On Monday, Miranda’s understudy Javier Muñoz took over the lead. Diggs’ last show will be on July 15. Read more.


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