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Photography By Myles Aronowitz

Dre is the wild card in all of this. We last left him he was vying for a position on team Ghost after he seen just how ruthless Kanan can be. Ghost was initially skeptical of Dre and his intentions but it seems he earned his trust in the end when he came to Ghost’s aid during his confrontation with Tommy. In this new season Dre is now Ghost’s right hand man and bodyguard since he is now legit. But is that what Dre truly wants ?


Dre is in the best position out of all the characters this season to make a huge power move. He may seem to have Ghost’s back, BUT also we still are not sure if he completely cut ties with Kanan as well. Maybe Dre is just positioning himself to become boss himself. One things for sure we look for Dre to come out a winner this season one way or another.

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