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Fitting this seasons mantra is “Ghost Must Die” but technically he already is dead. James St.Patrick’s drug dealing persona was laid to rest by him last season so he could go legit. James thinks he tied up all of the loose ends last season by killing off all of his enemies especially Kanan. We already know that Kanan isn’t dead and that James has even more people coming after him now. James is back in control of Truth plus the two other nightclubs he got from Stern’s wife. Most importantly he separated himself from Tasha and got his girl Angela back.


Ghost is public enemy number one right now and doesn’t have many friends. Yeah he has a new ally in Dre and there is Angela but even they have some reason to turn against him. Now that his former partner Tommy is no longer on his team and both Lobos and Kanan are still alive and breathing James won’t be able to escape his past as Ghost as easily as he thought. Let’s not forget Tasha is out there looking for him as well. With all these people gunning for him we believe something is going to happen with our favorite main character. There’s just too much heat for him this season and we don’t think he will be able to squeeze his way out this unscathed. Look for this season to end with good old fashion cliff hanger involving Ghost!

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