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Holly just won’t go away, let’s be real we can’t stand her at all but that’s just true testament to Lucy Walters acting skills. Holly is one of the many voices in Tommy’s head driving his anger towards his former friend Ghost. After she revealed to her boyfriend that Ghost paid her to vanish, Tommy lost it and officially had it with Ghost. Now with Tommy eating from her hand she looks to use her boo to get the revenge she couldn’t attain on Ghost for what he did to her.


We think Holly won’t make it out this season, now by whose hands she bites the dust is another story. Will it be Ghost who made Holly leave and warned her not to come back or risk death? Will it Dre doing the bidding of his boss Ghost to take out Holly? Or will it be by her love interest Tommy? If we had to put money down it would be on Ghost but we would be shocked if Holly didn’t meet her demise this season.

One things for sure we can’t wait to watch Power this Sunday we have been waiting forever for this!


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