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It isn’t uncommon for Floyd “Money” Mayweather to take a tax break advantage for his lavish spending… this time, he’s really done it.
In 2014, Mayweather and his Money Team visited Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas and during that visit, Mayweather blew $20,000.

That night at the Strip Club, Mayweather and the Money Team blew $15,000 in singles just making it rain on the ladies and they blew $5,000 at the club partying.
So two years later and the club is shocked that they have received a 1099 IRS document for 2015 taxes that was sent to them from Mayweather Promotions, LLC for the entire amount spent that night… $20,323.18.
The Hustler Club’s “operating company Las Vegas Entertainment must pay tax on the pound-for-pound” of Mayweather’s lavish spending.
It really doesn’t matter that the independent contracted dancers took that Mayweather money home and that the club received none of the $20,000 either because the 1099 is directed at the club itself, not the dancers.
The club’s owner, Jason Mohney is more unhappy about that tax bill because he provided Mayweather’s entourage of 20 plus into the doors for free, VIP seating and at least 20 or more FREE bottles.
He also told Daily Mail Online, “I feel insulted, we throw him all this free stuff and he slaps me with a $20,000 tax bill, what the h*ll is that?”
He continued with, ‘We should have given Mayweather a 1099 for $10,000. As you saw on the video, they had a big party enjoying themselves.’
The owner also is accusing Mayweather of “falsifying” that tax return too because as Mohney says, “The reason for doing that is to get a tax write off, but to me it is falsifying your tax records because he threw the money in the air. If he wanted to 1099 somebody he should have gotten the names of all the entertainers he threw the money at.”
The club’s PR manager, Leo Mean said that he also witnessed the evening and he said, “He came to us and exchanged $15,000 in large bills for $15,00 in single dollar bills. I gave him three bricks.”
He said that he proceeded to make it rain on the girls and according to all the YouTube videos of that night, it was clear that he was spending cash and having fun too.
With that, they also said that Mayweather never tipped the waitresses who was serving them drinks…
They know he has money, because who hasn’t seen his money postings? He posts pictures of him traveling with millions and chilling in bed with stacks of money too.