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Women are living longer than ever before. The life expectancy of American women has increased, with women living longer as compared to numbers from 2012.

In January, President Barack Obama enacted the Precision Medicine Initiative, allocating $215 million to personalized (or precision) science. This is a field that focused on genetically targeted therapies.

For example, individuals that had treatments created specifically for their genetic profiles saw a decline in death rates over the past 20 years in both color and lung cancer. Through extensive research, we are quickly learning how genes interact and operate in the human body. This discovery is laying a foundation for increased life expectancy.


Medical treatments are currently a “one size fits all,” but what if you could personalize medicine?

This is a huge focus in Precision Medicine Initiative. This bill will assist in the advancement of a longer life for Americans by encouraging precision registries. Precision registries entail the tagging of keywords from problem lists, specific medical conditions, and more. Collecting information from multiple patients and categorizing it can lead to the greater good for all patients.

Kudos to President Obama for forward thinking for the advancement of the healthcare system. Precision medicine is a major key to the advancement of life expectancy of Americans.



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