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By now, you’ve probably heard that my Work Wife EX-Wife is the new face of deception and shadyness. I surprised her with floor seats to the Anti World Tour (starring Rihanna & Travis Scott) and asked her to attend 97.9’s Prom Night with me June 16 at Grooves of Houston (powered by Suit Mart & The One VIP Card).

She accepted my proposal and I was soooooo freeking stoked, because I missed my high school prom. This was a chance for me to see what the experience is like. Before we even shopped for our outfits, Jasmine Crockett asked the singer Ro James to go to prom with her… while they were standing in front of me and 97.9 The Box listeners (PS: She filmed her proposal on social media). This is not a new feeling for me though. I’m used to being looked over and being people’s second choice.

God don’t like ugly. Ro James didn’t exactly say yes to her. Although, Jas will tell you something different. We’ll just see on June 16th!

Buy Tickets to 97.9’s “Prom Night” HERE. We’re only selling 500 Tickets!

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