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Beware! Summer is here and so is curving season.

If you’re unfamiliar with what it means to get “curved” it’s when someone disses or rejects another person’s expression of interest through flirting and other advances.

Don’t fall victim to the curve, here are 9 signs you’re being curved through text:

9. He or she always claims to be “so busy.”


8. You’re always texting this person first to start a convo.


7. Most of their replies are generic like “that’s crazy” or “oh wow.”


6. You text paragraphs and they just reply with one workers (lol, ha, ok, yeah, k).


5. He or she replies in a robust number of hours, days or even weeks.


4. Having a convo with them is like pulling teeth (hint: you’re doing too much).


3. You try to resist texting them too much or too fast.


2. They don’t text you back at all.


1. They have read receipts on…so they open your messages and still don’t text back!