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Beyonce‘s cousin Kristin Douglas could be hosting a party near you.

The viral beauty spoke with TMZ and dodged questions about rappers sliding in her DMs. She did, however, say she was interested in hosting clubs, she just doesn’t want all of the attention to be on her booty. But as her followers grow, so does the demand for her to hit a hot spot near you.

While talking to TMZ Live, Kristin said that a bunch of clubs want her to appear — for a price — and some admiring rappers have also inquired.

In the meantime, the site reports of the photo taken at Bey’s uncle’s funeralBeyonce and the 2 women are not cousins, or even related. The guy who died is Beyonce’s uncle and the godfather of Kristin and Kelsi.

Either way, if you put Beyonce’s “cousin” on a flyer, we are going to be there. Early.


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