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O.J. Simpson (C) confers with attorneys Johnnie Co

Like clockwork, the nation will stop everything it’s doing to tune into the newest episode of The People V. O.J. Simpson on FX tonight, but this week we’ve got some tea to spill ahead of the latest American Crime Story installment.

O.J., sentenced to 33 years for an unrelated kidnapping/robbery case, is worried that the knife that was allegedly found on his property could jeopardize his parole.

His former manager and friend Norman Pardo told PEOPLE magazine that although he “isn’t losing any sleep” over it, he is a “little worried.”


“Everybody I’ve spoken with says he’s just ignoring it. He’s not talking about it,” Pardo tells PEOPLE. “When he heard the news on TV, all he did was shake his head, as if to say, ‘Will this ever end?’ He’s definitely shrugging it off and pretty much saying, I’m not going to worry about it.’”

Los Angeles Police Department previously said they plan to test the five-inch fixed blade buck knife that was given to a retired LAPD motor officer, who allegedly received the blade from a construction worker while working in off-duty on a movie set near Simpson’s former Rockingham estate.

“[O.J.] is a little worried because if it’s one his pocket knifes and, if it’s got his blood on it, that could make him look bad when he’s up for parole,” Pardo explains to PEOPLE.

“That’s really his only fear. Personally, I think it belonged to a construction worker and fell out of his pocket. Honestly, I don’t think it pertains to anything,” Pardo adds.

NBC News recently reported that the knife is “inconsistent” with the killings, according to sources.

In related news, a juror is speaking out about The Juice’s ’90s murder case and insists that prosecutors did not do a great job of fully proving O.J. Simpson’s guilt. He says that though it’s possible O.J. committed the crime, the evidence did not demonstrate as much.

David Aldana, 54, told ABC News in an interview:

“Who would’ve thought we’d still be talking about it 20 years later?”

“They said we were only going to be sequestered for three months; somebody lied. It was nine months and a week.”

“What we were given, do I think he did it?” Aldana said. “Yeah, there’s a shot that he did do it but, then, on the other hand, the evidence didn’t prove it.”

Click here to see Aldana speak on losing friends and getting into fights over the O.J. case, and tune in tonight at 10 p.m. EST for American Crime Story.


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